Denver Burger Bracket Sweet Sixteen Match-Up: (1) Cherry Cricket vs (5) Juicy Burger and Dogs

We’re on to the SWEET SIXTEEN in the Denver Burger Bracket! The match-ups are getting tougher but we’re determined to find a winner! We choose the winners in the bracket and YOU vote for your favorite burger in our “People’s Choice” polls. Top vote getters will be in the final “People’s Choice” poll along with our final match-up. In the end we’ll crown Our Winner and a People’s Choice Winner!

(1) Cherry Cricket vs. (5) Juicy Burger and Dogs

These extremely delicious burger joints make this match-up one of the most compelling, competitive showdowns we have seen in the bracket thus far. Both Cherry Cricket and Juicy Burger and Dogs exemplify the key attributes that we look for in a great burger. This was quite obvious when both dominated their respective opponents in the first round; Chubby Burger Drive-In and Diego Zhang’s Burger Cafe never stood a chance.

Cheddar Char Burger

Cheddar Char Burger

Perhaps it’s the bun at both the Cricket and Juicy that helped them advance, or the patty or maybe even the toppings. But really it comes down to the simple fact that they are both just great burgers. That said, surely there needs to be something that puts one in front of the other.  The Cricket has/is/will be a go-to place where people can gather and enjoy great burgers in a friendly, bar like atmosphere. Their handmade burgers combined with the wide assortment of toppings gives each person the ability to create their own masterpiece.

Juicy also has some big reasons why they should advance. Their Char (Cheddar) Burger is extremely solid. Throw the works on that, add some bacon and you are in for a real treat. Now, it is a completely different atmosphere there than the Cricket, but does that really matter?

Cherry Cricket

Cricket Burger

Our Winner

Both dishing out money burgers that keep you more than satisfied when you’re done, and both using great bread and housemade burgers. Both burgers come in at right about $10.00. This sounds like it should be the championship, right? It’s unfortunate they had to meet so soon, but it came down to a gut feeling, and that’s about it. At the end of the day Cherry Cricket advances to the Elite Eight.

People’s Choice

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