Denver Burger Bracket Sweet Sixteen Match-Up: (2) Central Bistro and Bar vs (3) TAG Burger Bar

We’re on to the SWEET SIXTEEN in the Denver Burger Bracket! The match-ups are getting tougher but we’re determined to find a winner! We choose the winners in the bracket and YOU vote for your favorite burger in our “People’s Choice” polls. Top vote getters will be in the final “People’s Choice” poll along with our final match-up. In the end we’ll crown Our Winner and a People’s Choice Winner!

(2) Central Bistro and Bar vs. (3) TAG Burger Bar

Battle of the Bars? On paper yes, it looks that way. But, don’t kid yourself if you think they are a traditional bar. It’s more like two neighborhood hot spots that always have a diverse, eclectic crowds and  continuously pump out great food, including burgers. Unlike their previous opponents (Grandpa’s and Five Star),  Central Bistro and Bar and TAG Burger Bar both understand the importance of crafting a delectable burger. At Central, although they only have one burger on the menu, they do an excellent job start to finish. Two highlights include: They let the burger rest before serving, extremely obvious, and the delicate bun they use. The 8 oz. patty was also cooked to perfection.


Boxcar Burger

Now, clearly TAG Burger Bar does not have the same vibe as Central, but this Madison Street true burger bar has a menu that just smells good. Not the menu….but rather the content within all of the burger “styles”. Here, even though there are tons of options, they still pay attention to the burger patty itself. Regardless if you get a fried egg, bacon, shiitake mushrooms or even pork belly, you are bound to have a juicy, flavorful patty.

Gruyere cheese, French onion soup “onions”, Grey Poupon

Menage a Trois


In another close, close match-up this battle comes down to one thing. Both burger places each have their own twist to the burger. Each place does their own twist quite well. In this upset, TAG Burger Bar gets the nod though as they just have more options than Central.

Sidenote: The Andrew Jackson Burger is staring me in the face.

People’s Choice

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