Denver Burger Bracket Elite Eight Match-Up: (5) ChoLon vs. (2) HBurger Co

It’s time for the ELITE EIGHT in the Denver Burger Bracket! The match-ups are getting tougher but we’re determined to find a winner! We choose the winners in the bracket and YOU vote for your favorite burger in our “People’s Choice” polls. Top vote getters will be in the final “People’s Choice” poll along with our final match-up. In the end we’ll crown Our Winner and a People’s Choice Winner!

(5) ChoLon vs. (2) HBurger Co.

Does the shoe still fit for ChoLon and their Cho-Burger, or has their Cinderella run come to an end?

You might think we planned on having two restaurants that literally share a wall face each other in the Denver Burger Bracket, but we assure you it was merely a coincidence. These restaurant neighbors are usually two very different restaurant. In fact, the only item they really share on their menus is a burger. And that’s where we come in. When you’re standing on the corner of the 16th St. Mall & Blake St. wanting a burger, this match-up should basically tell you where you should be going, right? Well since they’ve both made it this far into the Bracket they are both excellent choices. But somebody’s gotta win.

So after reading their previous round match-ups (ChoLon vs. Le Grand Bisto, HBurger Co. vs. Red Robin, ChoLon vs. Crown Burgers, and HBurger Co. vs. The Lobby), you’ll find out that this match-up comes down to ChoLon’s Asian-style bistro burger, with a perfectly cooked patty topped with a decadent 63 degree egg, Korean onions, and a ridiculously good sauce vs. HBurger Co.’s uber-fresh burger with farm-to-table meat and toppings. It’s hard to decide, but like we said earlier, one of these two is going to the Final Four.

Our Winner

In this Elite Eight match-up, no one is really the loser. HBurger Co. has a fantastic burger patty and their H Sauce is out of control good. ChoLon has a unique taste that is both intriguing and delicious. When it’s this close, it’s the little things that you pick up on that lead to victory. HBurger Co.’s burger became a little messy and hard to eat, while ChoLon’s bun and overall flavor had me thinking about it for days. Cinderella is still in the Denver Burger Bracket as ChoLon is on to the Final Four.

People’s Choice

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