Denver Burger Bracket Elite Eight Match-Up: (1) Cherry Cricket vs. (3) TAG Burger Bar

It’s time for the ELITE EIGHT in the Denver Burger Bracket! The match-ups are getting tougher but we’re determined to find a winner! We choose the winners in the bracket and YOU vote for your favorite burger in our “People’s Choice” polls. Top vote getters will be in the final “People’s Choice” poll along with our final match-up. In the end we’ll crown Our Winner and a People’s Choice Winner!

(1) Cherry Cricket vs. (3) TAG Burger Bar

As we round out the Elite Eight in the Broncos Region of the Denver Burger Bracket, we have to remember that The Cherry Cricket and TAG Burger Bar are both well known and highly regarded because of their burgers. You see, they both offer a laundry list of  toppings, or “styles”, and that is what makes this match-up intriguing. You can create an insane, unique, flavorful burger at either place. Whether you add cream cheese and jalapeños to your Cricket Burger, or you order the Congress Park at TAG, you know you will be satisfied. However, how do you choose a winner in this case? Well, you end up having to nit pick.

It’s tough when both burgers seem equal, but we’ve got to pick a winner somehow. We had to break down everything from the ingredients to the experiences of eating each burger. When that didn’t work, we pondered a coin flip but knew you wouldn’t be satisfied with that decision. So we went even smaller and picked on the small stuff, trying to find SOMETHING to separate these two burgers. We finally found a point of emphasis that hit home with us: consistency.

Our Winner

Consistency played a huge part in determining the winner of this battle. Although both provided us with exactly what we look for in burgers, one place was just more memorable. It’s memorable because you know what to expect each time you go there. You know you will be getting a great, well-cooked, delicious burger (with a buttery bun). TAG Burger Bar came up a bit short during the second visit with a couple of overcooked burgers, while Cherry Cricket always seem to delivery exactly what you want at the right time. Cherry Cricket advances by the slimmest of margins to the Final Four.

Peoples Choice

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