Denver Burger Bracket Champion: (1) Park Burger vs. (2) Highland Tap and Burger

Here we are. The end of the road. 32 burgers eaten and evaluated (OK, a few more than that. But we just HAD to do some extra research in the later rounds, right?).

There’s been full stomachs, arguing, winners, and losers. But overall, there’s been a ton of fantastic ground meat between two buns, with all sorts of delicious toppings in the middle.

We’re ready to crown the winner of the inaugural Denver Burger Bracket, and we’ve got two burgers left standing: Park Burger vs. Highland Tap and Burger. We’ve literally said all that there is to say about each of the two burgers (No seriously. We’ve written 4 articles on EACH burger.), so we’re gonna take you on a journey through our very own words this time, quote for quote.

After that, you’ll have a chance to vote in our FINAL People’s Choice poll, where all of your favorites from past rounds will be included! The voting will end Thursday April 25th at Midnight, and on Friday we’ll announce both Our Winner and the People’s Choice Winner! Good luck, and may the best burger win!

(1) Park Burger

“Park Burger feels like the family corner store, that also happens to serve up some delectable burgers.” 
“The burgers use all natural, never frozen beef, buffalo, and house made turkey and veggie burger patties, all on top of locally baked buns made exclusively for Park Burger.” 
Park Burger
“It’s hard to put into words the feelings/taste that comes from the perfect burger, but Park Burger comes very close.” 
“The burgers at Park Burger just work. Each of their many different burger options find a way to be a little self-contained bundle of joy, with all of the ingredients fitting together nicely with a perfectly cooked burger patty to make a fantastic burger each and every time.” 
 “The unique burger flavors at Park Burger keep our stomachs wanting more.” 
“I’ve been impressed with every visit, and just know that I’ll continue to be impressed with each future visit to Park Burger.”

(2) Highland Tap and Burger

“A dripping, sloppy, but ultimately wildly delicious mess.”
“The burger was cooked perfectly, the fried onion ring added saltiness and crunch, while the two different meats and the fried egg added something damn near an umami flavor.”
Highland Tap and Burger

Shroom Luvas from HTB

“Their burger patty is big and meaty, cooked perfectly for a juicy burger. Yeah it can get messy and saucy, but sometimes you’ve gotta get dirty to enjoy a great burger.”
“The bun at HTB just melts in your mouth after each bite, and combined with the fresh toppings and cheese, it’s no wonder why this places is crushing the burger scene in Denver.”
“When the bun has a shiny glare to it and you can see the cheese and toppings oozing out the sides, you know that the burger will be gone in only a few minutes.”


How do you choose between two great things? Unlike the NCAA March Madness tournament, these burgers can’t play the game for themselves to decide who wins (Although, who wouldn’t wanna see that happen???) So that’s where we come in. It’s up to us to decide the 2013 Denver Burger Bracket winner, and guess what? We’re up to the challenge.

The Scarpone Burger

The Scarpone Burger

When looking at our own judging criteria, both Park Burger and Highland Tap and Burger score 10/10 in each of the categories (Taste, How is it cooked?, Bun/Bread, Toppings, and Price Worth-It-Ness). Virtually equal burger options. The buttery smoothness of the Shroom Luvas and the shear decadence of the Tap Burger at HTB, or the classic burger flavor and unique creations like the New Yorker or El Chilango burgers at Park Burger. Go to either place on any given night, and you’re definitely leaving happy having eaten a delicious burger.

So it’s gut-check time then. Literally, we checked our guts and listened to what they were telling us. When our stomachs rumbled for a juicy, meaty, and delicious burger, more often than not it was for one place. And actually, it was usually for one specific burger in particular. The Scarpone from Park Burger has everything that our guts crave in a burger. Saltiness from the pancetta, meatiness from the fresh burger patty, sweetness from the provolone cheese, tangy-ness from the giardiniera, crunchiness from both the pancetta and giardiniera, and even some umami flavors from the garlic truffle aioli. It’s the burger that not only won over our guts, but also beat out some very stiff competition.


Denver Burger Bracket Winner - Park Burger

People’s Choice

Congratulations to Highland Tap and Burger for winning our Denver Burger Bracket People’s Choice!

Read The Entire Bracket —->


8 responses to “Denver Burger Bracket Champion: (1) Park Burger vs. (2) Highland Tap and Burger

  1. LOVE PARK BURGER! We live in Dallas and go there every time we are in Denver… The burger chef Bucky makes the best food ever! Love this place… The Moscow Mules are my favorite too!! 😉

  2. We LOVE Park Burger’s burgers!!! We are heading to Denver in two weeks and cannot wait to get our burger fix at Park Burger! You gotta try the turkey burger, too!. Need I fail to mention those buns that tie it all together! Want one now!!!

  3. Highland Tap and Burger is the best tasting burger in the West!!!! We LOVE HTB!!!!!! We eat there every time we visit Colorado. It’s on our MUST visit list!!! YUUMMMMMMMY BURGERS!!!!!

  4. After reading that Highland tap and Burger won the Best of Westword Burger contest, I went with a friend to try it out. The burgers were okay, but we were appalled by our bill. My friend wanted a little more heat on his burger and he asked for some Tabasco. Not having Tabasco, our wait person brought him some Cholula which was fine until we received our bill on which we were charged $1.50 for what amounted to 5 drops of Cholula. I asked for arugala on my burger and was charged $1.00 for a small piece of it. Based upon these excessive charges and an only okay burger, we will stick to Park Burger, City Grille, or The Cherry Cricket.

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