Denver Burger Bracket Judging Criteria

Everyone is asking us just HOW we are deciding the winners of each Denver Burger Bracket match-up.

Do we have a rating system?

Does the voting matter?

You liked both of the burgers, how did you choose the winner?

In short, NO, we don’t have a rating system/guide that we are using to score each of the burgers in various categories to determine a winner. Now, it isn’t all just random picking of course. We do have some things that help drive our decision making. But unlike an official scoring system, we needed the biggest factor of all – gut reaction – to be the deciding vote. All of the categories listed below influence our decisions as to which burger moves on to the next round in some way. But overall, our winners were the burgers that made us want to go back for another burger sooner than its opponent. So to help we thought we’d unveil a handy guide that shows everyone just how we came up with the winners:


First and foremost, how does the burger taste? Both an overall taste, and the taste of the burger patty itself is one of the biggest factors involved.


Did we ask for it medium and it came out well-done? Do they ask at all? Sometimes it’s better if a place just cooks their burgers to a temperature/texture that they know is always good, rather than having the customer mess it up. But if they ask us and then get it wrong? Big no-no.


This is actually a HUGE factor for us, one that sometimes gets overlooked in the burger industry. Which makes NO sense. Two of the major components of a burger are the top and bottom bun, you’d think that restaurants would want that to be awesome as well? And we love bread, so having a great bun surrounding a burger is a big way to grab a victory or two.


Not the biggest factor, but definitely part of the equation. Do the toppings work together to add flavor, or do some things to lost in the shuffle/overwhelmed by certain toppings? Toppings don’t have to be overboard, as the best lettuce, tomato, and onion in the world will suffice. But if you are throwing some crazy stuff on top of your burger, it better all work.


Yes we just made that word up, but one of the factors that we consider is just how “worth it” the burger is for the price we paid. If two burgers make feel EXACTLY the same, then we’re choosing the $6.95 burger over the $14 burger. Call us cheap-skates, but if you’re offering the same quality of product as some place else but at a cheaper price, then we’re probably going to eat your burger more often. Now don’t get us wrong, if a burger is $14 and it’s amazing, then it’s worth the money. But the price and the taste have to either match up or at least leave us feeling that we didn’t overpay.

And that’s basically it. No scoring system, but we are definitely cognizant of the factors listed above that help us choose our winners.

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